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Sun light at the evening by Lukas Merz

6,2 Ways to work with light

“My pic of this hot women in red looks like shit” said Heinz-Günther and stopped street photography. Don’t be like Heinz-Günther. Keep in mind that we paint with light. So remember the different aspects of light sources. I’ll show you some ways to work with light and improve your skills

One Day – One Door

Introduction In my current 365 photo challenge I’m taking a photo of one door every day. In this article I will explain why and what it means to me. I will show you how much it challenges me and how I manage to integrate this project into my everyday routine. The 365 Hype If you’re ...

Picture of a woman covered in rainbow hood

How to work with white balance

“Yo bro, this is street – shoot it black and white”, said Heinz-Günther and changed his camera setting to default JPEG with picture style. Don’t be like Heins-Günther. Shoot it the right way. I’ll explain to you why it is important to consider white balance, even if you only shoot black and white.